5 Cheapest Universities in the United Kingdom for International Students

5 Cheapest Universities in the United Kingdom for International Students

Finding valuable yet cheap universities when it comes to cost can be a daunting task especially in the United Kingdom however we are here to prove you wrong and to show you that you can find a cheap yet valuable university in the United Kingdom within your budget and also enjoy the experience that comes with it especially for students who are looking to study abroad.

In this article we will be ranking the universities according to the tuition fees, cost of living and available scholarships so that you can decide which one of the cheapest universities in the UK is more suitable according to your needs. 

1) University of Chester

The University of Chester has accommodated about 15,000 students from 130 countries worldwide and has been ranked number two in the UK for students who are looking to study abroad. The main reason for this is because Chester provides a warm and welcoming environment for international students. Chester is also rich in roman foundation so there’s lots to explore as well making it a vibrant and diverse place.

University of Chester

Furthermore, The University of Chester is known for its Business and Management, Medicine and Health programs. The courses offered in this university are more practical based where you will be taught the skill that is needed to join the workforce. These courses range from five weeks to one year. Most undergraduate degrees include a work based learning module in the second year so that the student can get the maximum experience needed for a job. Furthermore, this module gives students the opportunity to complete a five-week work placement at a professional organization in the UK. So if you are looking into these programs then this is your go-to university.

Programs Average Cost
International Foundation Program ₤9,750
Bachelor’s degree including Foundation ₤9,750 Year 1- ₤13,450 Years 2-4
Undergraduate ₤13,450
Postgraduate ₤14,250
MBA ₤14,500

Furthermore, the average cost of living in Chester, UK for students who are looking to study abroad is between 1,119 to 1,135. The University of Chester also offers international and merit-based scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students. This makes a significant contribution towards the university fees and makes it one of the cheapest universities in the UK. 

2) BPP University

BPP university is well known for its extensive Law programs having over 30 years of experience in professional legal qualifications. BPP university is located in the heart of “legal” London in Holborn and on the Southbank at Waterloo and centers in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds and Manchester.

BPP University

BPP University focuses mainly on Law, Business, Nursing and Technology programs.

The fee structure for BPP university is as follows:

Courses Fees
Undergraduate ₤12,000-₤15,000 per year
Postgraduate ₤14,000-₤18,000 per year
Living Expenses ₤10,000 (approx.)

The BPP university offers two intakes for international students and the best part about this university is that there is a 98% acceptance rate. This university offers multiple scholarships as well. The cost of this university is relatively less as compared to other universities offering law so that is why BPP comes under one of the cheapest universities in the UK. 

3) University of Plymouth:

The University of Plymouth offers a variety of courses. It is known to have its own medical school and has strong partnerships with other universities in the south west. Furthermore, this university has gone through major development in recent years including the library and student union, facilities of Health and Education and Society and Marine Science. University of Plymouth also offers programs in Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Geography and Environmental Science and Art and Design.

University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth is known for its high quality, international-leading education, research and innovation. This university focuses more towards research based teaching so that students can learn the skills that are needed for the workforce.

Program International 2022/23 International 2023/24
Bachelor’s degree ₤14,600 ₤16,300
Master’s degree ₤15,700 ₤16,500

4) London Metropolitan University:

The London Metropolitan University has a strong reputation of having a modern and progressive education. This university offers students a wide range of courses including Architecture and interior design, art and photography and business-related courses as well as Entertainment, finance and health. The London Metropolitan University offers revolutionary learning resources as well such as a mock courtroom, purpose-built art, design and recording studios, a journalism newsroom and a science Center.

London Metropolitan University

Year of entry Fee position
2022-2023 ₤9,250
2023-2024 ₤9,250

 Furthermore, the estimated cost for a single student living in London is about 1,334 a month.

5) Middlesex University:

Middlesex University has been proudly ranked 101-200 out of 1,115 institutions in the Times Higher Education. This university is known for building confidence and skills that are needed for students to make their mark in this world. The other best part about this university is that they offer practical experience for students so that they can excel in their careers and have a wide range of different courses.

Middlesex University

Courses Fees
Undergraduate ₤9,250 per year
Part-time courses 77

 Moreover, every student has a dream of studying abroad but cost can be a huge factor to consider when deciding which country to study in. However this article proves that you can still study abroad at top notch universities while paying low tuition fees at the same time. So, it is highly recommended to consider these universities who are offering state of the art education and are also focusing on building skills at the same time which can help students to advance in their careers.

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