A Guide to Fostering Bonds With Family And Friends While Studying Abroad

A Guide to Fostering Bonds With Family And Friends While Studying Abroad

Undoubtedly, jumping onto a journey of studying abroad is full of excitement, nervousness, and sadness about leaving family and friends behind. However, this journey involves transformative experiences, exploring new cultures, tasting different foods, and gaining invaluable insights. The other side of the coin is very challenging, where you distance yourself from family and friends and step into a new world with new faces. 

It is a sad reality that staying connected across different time zones becomes paramount for maintaining relationships with loved ones. In this guide, we will explore together five practical yet meaningful ways to bridge the gap and learn how to keep the bond the same, which will help you nurture life beautifully with your family members.

Way #1: Make Use Of Communication Tools and Technologies

You can use technology to reduce the geographical bridge between friends and family since it is vital in maintaining communication while studying abroad. Let’s make it easier by delving into the diverse platforms that can help you keep in touch with your family and friends. 

A: Video Calling Apps — Ring Ring

Staying connected can not be better than seeing your beloved faces, and what can be better than video calling apps? Face-to-face interaction via Facetime, Skype, or WhatsApp video calling feature can help you cherish the moment and give you a sense of closeness despite distance.

B: Messaging Apps — Tick Text

Sharing quick updates, experiences, or having a casual conversation about your day-to-day routine can help you stay connected. Small chat like what you had for breakfast, how was the day/weather today, or if any upcoming events in your schedule can stop you from feeling homesick.

C: Social Media Platforms — Click Post

Keeping your family and friends updated by sharing live updates, photos, and adventurous experiences can foster your feelings of being away from home. Knowing you have a healthy and good life will also benefit your family and friends.

Way #2: Establishing a Communication Routine

Maintaining regular communication is the cornerstone of staying connected while studying abroad. However, creating a communication routine accommodating both parties’ time zones and schedules can be daunting. 

The easiest way to do this is to get a task calendar and stick it on your refrigerator, and whenever you are FaceTiming your family members or friends, try to know their schedule and note it on the task calendar. Additionally, plan for the occasions beforehand, such as birthdays, engagements, or anniversaries — prepare a note and buy them a gift to make the distance less pronounced.

Way #3: Meaningful Gestures and Activities

Sometimes, calling or texting does not help reduce the physical distance — so here comes the rescue “activities.” Watching any show together on shared screen platforms or online gaming can nurture emotional bonds and enrich the relationship despite long distance. The best options for online gaming are:

  1. League of Legends
  2. Fortnite
  3. 8 Ball Pool
  4. Overwatch 2
  5. PUBG 

Way #4: Involving Friends and Family in Your Experience

Studying abroad is a personal journey and an opportunity to bring loved ones on an adventure. Keep sharing or posting about your study adventure, and encourage your family and friends to do the same. 

Way #5: Send Postcards or Letter

This might sound a bit old-fashioned, but imagine your loved ones opening a door and getting a delivery of handwritten letter/postcard from you — what an overwhelming experience that would be. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some cute “miss you” postcards, pen down the most beautiful letter filled with old memories and joy, and send it to your family and friends.

Studying Abroad Means Away From Family: How To Deal With Homesickness?

It would not be wrong to say that “dealing with homesickness is common when you are abroad”; whether you are studying or working, it remains with you. The following are a few tips for all to deal with homesickness:

A: Address Your Feelings: 

To own the feeling is a must; if you are running away from this feeling, then it can lead you to depression or fatigue. Address your feelings and talk about them with your family members and family. Let them know you are missing them so you can remain connected to them.

B: Seek Support

Engage yourself in building relationships with the locals or classmates; anytime you feel low, they will be there for your support. 


It is expected that sometimes you want to stay in your zone and do not feel like talking to anyone — and it is OKAY! In such times, make a journal/diary your best friend. Pen down everything you feel, and indeed, you will feel better!

Bonus Tips:

As said, studying abroad is like a rollercoaster ride, with many ups and downs, including homesickness and FOMO. The following are a few tips to deal with it and stay connected with your family and friends:

  1. Buy a shared digital picture frame
  2. Keep trying new things every day
  3. Stay positive, and
  4. Do not forget to plan a visit trip back home

Are you overcoming homesickness while studying abroad? Our tips ensure a smoother journey. Let us guide you through every step if you’re still deciding whether to start your study abroad adventure.

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