A Comprehensive Guide to the Cost of Living in Canada for Pakistani Students

Pursuing higher education in Canada has become increasingly appealing for Pakistani students, marking a significant trend in international education. However, deciding to study abroad is not merely academic; it involves understanding and navigating the financial landscape.

By shedding light on tuition fees, accommodation, and daily expenses, this guide delves into the intricacies of the cost of living in Canada for Pakistani students.

Three Main Components Of Cost Of Living In Canada For Pakistani Students:

The cost of living for Pakistani students studying in Canada encompasses various essential components that collectively define the financial considerations during their academic journey.

Tuition Fee:

The tuition fee for Pakistani students depends upon the type of study program or university a student opts for. However, on average, a student would need between CAD 13,000 and 40,000 annually. There are four study programs for all international students, including Pakistani. 

  1. Undergraduate program: for this type of program, Pakistani students would need CAD 13,000 to CAD 20,000 annually
  2. Postgraduate master’s degree: for this, Pakistani students would need CAD 17,000 to CAD 25,000 annually
  3. Doctoral degree: it is considered the cheapest degree; a Pakistani student would need CAD 7,000 to CAD 15,000 annually
  4. MBA: the most expensive type of program where a student would need CAD 30,000 to CAD 40,000 annually

However, subjects like medicine and engineering are comparatively expensive in Canada. On the other hand, courses in humanities and arts are relatively cheaper. The six subjects mainly studied in Canada, with average tuition fees.

  1. Business & Management costs an average of CAD 29,000 annually
  2. Engineering and medicine cost an average of CAD 34,000 and CAD 33,000 annually, respectively
  3. Pharmacy costs CAD 41,000 annually
  4. Dentistry is the second most expensive subject, with an average cost of CAD 57,000 annually
  5. Veterinary Medicine is the most costly subject in Canada and costs about CAD 63,000 annually

Moreover, to cut the cost of living in Canada, Pakistani students should opt for cheaper universities, such as;

  1. University of Prince Edward Island has an average tuition fee of CAD 10,000 annually
  2. Cape Breton University costs about CAD 18,000 annually
  3. The University of Canada West is slightly on the higher side but has an average cost of CAD 21,000 annually
  4. The University of the Fraser Valley has a cost of CAD 21,000 annually
  5. University of Northern British Columbia has an average tuition fee of CAD 22,000 annually

Please note that all figures are indicative.


The accommodation landscape is diverse, from on-campus residences to off-campus apartments and shared housing. However, many universities in Canada offer on-campus residence facilities called the Halls of Residence to international students, including Pakistani students.

It is essential to apply for on-campus accommodation before securing your slot. However, on average, the accommodation costs between CAD 8,000 and CAD 10,000 per year. Other than this, there are four more popular accommodation options to cut the cost of living.

  1. Hostels’ costs are between CAD 10 to CAD 20 per night
  2. Private apartments range from CAD 400 to CAD 1500
  3. Shared rental is also among the cheapest options, ranging from CAD 250 to CAD 700
  4. Homestay costs are between CAD 400 to CAD 800

Please note that all figures are indicative.

Daily/Monthly Expenses:

One of the significant factors of an increased cost of living in Canada for Pakistani students can be day-to-day or monthly expenses. However, it can be daunting for a student to collectively manage tuition fees and monthly payments. There are a few significant expenses that are to be kept in mind before heading to study in Canada.

  1. Internet/phone can have an average cost of CAD 50 to CAD 76 monthly
  2. Food and groceries depend upon an individual’s consumption, but on average, it costs CAD 1200 to 1500 monthly
  3. Electricity/gas can cost monthly CAD 200
  4. International students get offers and relaxation on Transport, but still, it can cost about CAD 100 to CAD 150

Please note that all figures are indicative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The following are a few FAQs to ease the cost of living in Canada for Pakistani students.

Q1: What is the cost of health insurance in Canada?

Every international student must get medical insurance before the commencement of their program. However, health insurance is priced between CAD 600 and CAD 900 per year on average (indicative).

Q2: What is the cost of a Canada student visa?

The study permit visa is approximately CAD 150.

Q3: How much does it cost for a Pakistani student to study in Canada?

An undergraduate program can range from CAD 25,000 to CAD 45,000 annually. However, it depends upon the chosen study program, too.

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