How To Structure The Right Cover Letter For A Scholarship: 10 Expert Tips

A cover letter for a scholarship is a crucial element that sets the tone for the entire application. The cover letter is a personalized gateway to present international students’ qualifications and motivations. In this guide, students will learn how to introduce themselves beyond the confines of academic transcripts and resumes.

Why Write A Cover Letter For A Scholarship?

A cover letter may be optional for some scholarships. Still, it adds a valuable instant in presenting a comprehensive and personalized case that shows why you are an ideal candidate for the degree or program you are applying for.

However, it lets the candidate go beyond the quantitative aspects of their application and provides a platform to express their unique qualities and passion to study for their respective program.

Proper Format: How Do You Write A Cover Letter For A Scholarship?

Crafting a compelling cover letter is an essential component of an academic endeavor. It is a powerful tool for articulating your qualifications and impacting candidates’ educational journey. The structure of the cover letter is the simplest, comprising six sections, which;

  1. Cover letter header
  2. Greetings
  3. Introduction
  4. Main body
  5. Conclusion
  6. Signature

Let’s dive in to simplify for international students.

#1 Cover Letter Header:

This is one of the sections of the cover letter that many international students need to mention correctly.. However, this section gives an aesthetically pleasing format to your cover letter. The cover letter header must include the name, address of the scholarship organization and/or contact person, as well as the date. For example,

This section’s objective: to make the document identifiable. The best thing is to mention the information where it is easily readable and make the document appealing.

#2 Greetings:

The “greetings” section is highly advisable to add since it sets the tone of the cover letter. A cover letter for a scholarship is a request document where an international student is writing to someone with a higher position. Therefore, the tone must be formal, respectful, and requesting. Here are a few ways of writing a greetings in a cover letter,

  1. Dear [Mr./Ms./Mx. Recipient’s name] / [Scholarship Committee]
  2. Respected [Mr./Ms./Mx. Recipient’s name] / [Scholarship Committee]

Note: if the recipient’s name is unknown, the candidate can stick to the “Dear Sir/Madam” format. 

This section’s objective: to set the tone of the document. Also, to make sure the spelling of the recipient’s name or scholarship committee is correctly mentioned.

#3 Introduction:

It is a section where international student gets the first and only chance to introduce themselves to the scholarship committee. It is advisable to be respectful yet show enthusiasm and passion for the degree/program you are applying for. An appealing introduction showing a charismatic personality can already set a difference between your and others’ applications.

Mind your boundaries and priorities, show what makes you stand apart from others, and do not hesitate to explain why you need the scholarship and how you will make use of it.

This section’s objective: is to capture the reader’s attention and showcase why they are the best fit for this scholarship program.

#4 Main Body:

The main body of the cover letter comprises a candidate’s most potent qualities and skills. Start the cover letter by explaining the goals and plans with the funding you receive. Remember to showcase only productive ideas and that each sentence must add valuable evidence in an argument about why you are the best candidate for this financial support.

Scholarship committees do appreciate the candidates’ personal stories but make sure they are relevant and must add valuable insights to the scholarship program. Also, if any questions are asked in the application, reply here in a straightforward and concise tone.

This section’s objective: create your narrative using personal stories/statements and build a solid and inevitable image of why you are the best candidate for financial funding.

#5 Conclusion & Signature:

Ending on a positive note is appreciated. Steal the deal in a cover letter for a scholarship by adding a call to action to your contact information and showing them to what extent you are interested in their support program. Also, restate your interest in scholarship and why you should be a recipient.

This section’s objective: to convey gratitude and support their support program.

Expert Tips To Write A Cover Letter For A Scholarship:

Result-driven tips for inevitable cover letter:

  1. Conclude your cover letter with positivity
  2. Address your scholarship cover letter
  3. Proofread
  4. Describe your academic interests and goals passionately
  5. Avoid messy or unconventional formatting
  6. Be concise
  7. Customize each scholarship application letter
  8. Use formal language
  9. Distinguish yourself by sharing personal details
  10. Mention internships

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