Navigating Success: Your Guide to MSc Management with Project Management at BPP University

In business education, studying Project Management in BPP University with an MSc in Management can promise a transformative experience. Aiming for a project management career can provide an opportunity to hone candidates’ skills and expand their horizons in a dynamic learning environment.

BPP University’s renowned reputation for excellence in higher education sets the stage for a rewarding academic pursuit. This blog will explore how to study MSc Management with Project Management in BPP University, its benefits, program details, resources, and more.

Program Details:

Diving into the intricacies of the MSc Management with Project Management program in BPP University unveils a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip students with essential skills and knowledge. The university offers a postgraduate program to build the skills needed to deliver projects and manage effectively in the modern world.

It offers a full-time study mode of 18 months with Professional Development Planning (PDP) and 12 months in general. The MSc Management with Project Management program has a subject area of Business and Industry specific to your choice. 

The study program at BPP University has eight modules, given below:

  1. Academic and Assessment Support (Term 1) with 0 credits
  2. Personal Effectiveness (Term 1) with 15 credits
  3. Leading Through Digital Disruption (Term 1) with 15 credits
  4. Global Strategy and Sustainability (Term 1) with 30 credits
  5. Customer Experience Strategy (Term 2) with 15 credits
  6. Data Driven Decisions for Business (Term 2) with 15 credits
  7. Project Management Essentials (Term 2) with 30 credits
  8. Advanced Project Management (Term 3) with 30 credits
  9. Business Project (Term 3) with 30 credits

However, the study program with 18 months exclusively for Professional Development Planning can contribute to candidates’ success in finding jobs and post-study work visa opportunities. Also, it offers a structural approach to professional development that can help students to gain knowledge and skills. Moreover, from this academic program, you can gain many benefits, such as;

  1. 1-2-1 coaching
  2. Access to LinkedIn learning courses
  3. To enhance students’ employability, the institution provides masterclasses

Benefits of Studying MSc Management with Project Management in BPP University:

This section elucidates the myriad benefits, including personal and professional growth opportunities for awaiting prospective students to pursue an MSc in Management with Project Management at BPP University:

  1. This program helps students get ready for top management jobs and makes them more independent and self-driven to grow personally
  2. Sharpen specific project management awareness and execution
  3. The program allows students to focus on practical knowledge and skills
  4. Students can gain maximum job opportunities in areas such as HR management, operations, and management consultancy
  5. Programs at BPP University can offer students smooth post-study work visa opportunities

Admission Requirements:

To study MSc Management with Project Management at BPP University, prospective students must meet specific admission criteria. The main criteria is:

A minimum of a 2:2 Honours degree from a UK or recognized international university or equivalent such as the CMI, ILM, CIM, or CIMA at Level 6 or above.

Also, for reviewing the application from the university department, the students would require:

  1. To attend a video call, Skype interview, or
  2. An audio call for an interview

Additionally, an international student must have an English language proficiency certificate through exams such as IELTS or TOEFL, ensuring they can engage effectively with coursework.

Facilities and Resources:

The facilities and resources available to students in the BPP University MSc Management with Project Management program provide a supportive learning environment that fosters academic excellence and professional growth. It includes;

  1. Library and research facilities: the BPP Univerity offers access to library resources, including academic journals, textbooks, and online databases
  2. Online learning platforms: with traditional classroom environment, BPP also provides access to advanced online learning platforms
  3. Student support services: from academic advising and career counseling to personal support, the university supports in every way for the students
  4. Alumni network: after and during graduation, the students can join alumni networks to gain insights and knowledge about further career opportunities

Fee Structure and Funding:

BPP University provides clear outlines of tuition fees, varying based on study mode and program duration. However, fee structure is divided into two categories: one for 12-month programs and the other for 18-month programs.

  1. MSc Management with Project Management (12-month program) for the UK and international students can cost £15,100 annually.
  2. Whereas the same program with 18 months can cost £19,400 annually for international and UK students, both

However, students can explore scholarships, financial aid, student loans, and external funding sources to manage expenses and make their MSc Management with Project Management studies financially feasible.

Why Study MSc Management With Project Management: Top 3 Reasons

  1. It provides students with a versatile skill set, merging core management principles
  2. It offers exciting career paths and advancement opportunities
  3. This program focuses on applying management theories through hands-on projects, case studies, and simulations

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